Perspectives: 18/365

Coffee shop middle-aged beauties
Can offer up extraordinary ugliness
When the lines of advocacy
Get crossed with the pettiness
Of thinking only from a mama bear perspective.

Their truths are not always accepted blindly
By their own, but the attack dog way,
So accepted in its populist revival,
Makes politicians look sickly and steals with the same pallor
From the message of mothers wanting what’s best for their kids.

Yet, the spark of entitlement sparks hay fires
Choking all of the oxygen needed for rational thought and
Leaving the decision makers disadvantaged
Due to the onslaught of ego and the whip
Of sharpened tongues.

There was not enough clean air in Taylorville
To mask the stink of what would come
From a coffee shop conversation about the local schools.
One could only hope to steal a breath
In between the smell of the steaming mushroom houses.

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