Perspectives: 16/365

Emily Dawson (Working Mother)

My job is not my life
School is not my kids’ life either
It’s something they do,
Something necessary,
But in the end,
What do any of us remember about high school,
College for that matter,
We do all that time in school,
And go to work.

I’ve never written a paper for work,
I’ve never had lunch detention
For laughing at my friend’s joke,
I’ve never had a boss threaten me
With bad grades or an awful future
If I don’t get my homework done.

My high school was awesome.
We loved being there mostly because of our friends,
Our sports were awesome,
We won everything,
Football, basketball, soccer, track, baseball,
It didn’t matter because we rocked.

I feel for my kids
Because their school is not like that.
They never win, so
The aggravation of all that other stuff,
Homework, grades, testing
Has no outlet, no release,
School is just work because of that.

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