Perspectives: 14/365

Grace Watts (School Aide)

They have it so well,
The teachers.
They get to work and have benefits,
But they don’t do nearly as much as I do.

I cover Study Hall,
Try that everyday, hundreds of kids screaming,
Sitting where they are not supposed to, and
Leaving trash everywhere.

The teachers live a life of luxury,
Vacations, contracts, and a pension.
I see what goes on here
And if the public knew, heads would roll.

I tell my husband all the time
That he should have been a teacher
Instead of a construction worker.
He’s too dumb to understand. He takes care of us, though.

I would have been a teacher
If it wasn’t for marrying him.
I stayed home to raise the kids,
Then took this on to help pay some bills.

They’re in high school now,
Not in Taylorville, across the way in the United School District.
It’s better there, the teachers are good,
I guess, I don’t really know since I’m not there.

Here, though, it’s like I tell my husband,
These teachers have no control.
And the kids,
I can’t believe they’re allowed in school.

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