Perspectives: 7/365

Problems arise when the cliques compete.
Bands and sports somehow have a natural rivalry.
Crazy, given that they represent the same school.

When sports are huge and teams are winning
The band becomes an afterthought,
When sports are small, the band seizes the moment.

The effect of the up and down
Makes it hard for the community,
Sports being the high profile player in the equation.

It’s easier to support sports
Identifying with the winning and losing
Is easier than appreciating the intricacies of music.

So when the teams are down
And the boo birds settle down
Support goes where the sounds seem sweeter.

Music, the domain of so many non-athletes
Takes over the top spot,
Leaving sports to mull the depths of a losing culture.

Jealousy ensues, petty differences spring up
And the small town mentality
Gets divided in the inability to figure out who it is.

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