Perspectives: 8/365

The relationship of a community
To its schools
Is as cliquey as the groups of students
In the schools.

Parents follow their children
Dropping support in the forms
Of time, money, and presence
At whatever the events are.

For a few, it is the stage,
For the majority,
It’s music and sports,
Distant cousins at best.

Truth is, there is only a real difference,
Band kids practice their craft for hours,
Sports kids practice their craft for hours,
Both sets of parents wait around for hours.

But too many band kids
See athletes as low brow jocks who know nothing but brawn,
While too many sports kids
See the band as a bunch of geeks toting expensive instruments.

Parents of either get lost in the stereotypes
Furthering the angst,
Establishing lines of competition
Played out in the arena of social networking.

The rivalry is probably as old as sports and music,
Jealousy and arrogance ruling both sides of the fight,
It’s too bad really,
For communities could be more if they just get along.

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