Perspectives: 2/365

Taylorville is one of those towns
With just enough history to claim access
To the benefits of a historical designation.

The town boasts of it’s participation
Of the emancipation of slaves
While denying anything subversive
In the ribbons of solidarity
Hung as old neighborhoods take on
A different hue.

Vintage brick defines the homes in town
And a steady stream of workers have made the borough
Something of a study on immigration,
Assimilation, and the fairness of the American dream.

Italians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, African-Americans
And the ubiquitous, generic, vanilla-flavored Caucasians
Have all led the way to economic development
And the growth of a community, which
Boasts of schools receiving national recognition
Even as the history of separate and separate moves beyond
The tint of skin or the status of a work visa
To the different shades of green that color a bank account.

The schools, though, founded on the principle
That everyone deserves an education, move through social changes
Marking of the power of school to combat whatever social ills exist,
Attempting to lead those who understand to the golden road of success
Suggested by the promoters of the absolute good of schools, and
Staving off the criticism that the town is nothing but a hick town
On the edge of the more urban chic neighbors of Philadelphia and Wilmington.

Taylorville, one of those towns
Sure enough of its place in the commonwealth,
But not believing in the potential of who it could become.

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