Hot Coffee Gone Cold: Teamwork

Maybe things are better with sets
Motion requires an awareness of others,
A willingness to accept sacrifice,
To do right by the guys
Because to run sprints, to compete together,
To help each other succeed
Is what should flow
But when it doesn’t, maybe scripts are needed
The touch of a playwright who lays down the lines
So the actors can play parts on stage.
The cues, the blocking, stage directions,
A script,
No improve, creativity,
No teamwork,
Just a concern for numbers and getting mine.
Maybe the times have finally evolved
Going from we are in this together,
To the selfishness of swamp drainers
Who talk through both sides of the teleprompter.
They don’t move, they sit in plush offices
Building rules that favor them.
Role models in the art of static,
The way of staying still,
The art of nothing.
Maybe none of this is similar.
Dysfunction, does not have to be
If only people could only learn to work together.

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