Oh My

Here they come, Sir.
Get out the talking heads
They need to get paid while they can
You owe them that.
They will lie on behalf of a cause,
Claim misconduct, a Salem-styled barbarism,
Buy You know it’s true,
You know the art of it all,
You deal in a different swamp,
Than the one you said you’d drain.


You’re ruining lives
Treating people as if the are commodities
Letting them exist as the Duke brothers saw Reggie,
Someone to be manipulated as they saw fit,
Only they were fictional betting just one dollar
While you eff with people’s health care
And look to change tax laws for you and the other rich cronies.


Today the elevator got a little closer.
It’s on the way to your guided penthouse
And what may very well be
A Ponzi like financial statement.
The accounting for who you have been is coming,
All I am left to say is, “Oh my.”

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