Normalcy Desensitized: Questions and Answers

“The attitude with which we approach the situation can determine our success or failure.” Peyton Manning

Is anxiety the new normal?
Are Twitter and Facebook the new mainstream media?
Do we need another main street type shopping mall?
Has green space been overtaken by the quest for green?
Why do we have fossils of male mammoths more than female mammoths?
Can football really interfere with pizza sales?
Is life just one long correlation?
When does alpha kick in?
How do people live in causes?
Why are people so upset when people are different than them?
Why do people promote their differences with anger?
Why do people weaponize their differences?

How come I can’t lay around like my dog?
How come I can’t stay still?
Why can’t I be outside of my box?
Why do I have to care about what others think?
Where is my rhythm gene?
Should I learn to speak Spanish?
These things are daily.
These things are everywhere.
These things are so routine I just know they are me.
These things are, unfortunately, self-evident
Just as delusional as the glorification of the simpler eras,
Like when people say, “Oh the 1950s were such an easy time.”
I call, Shenanigans there.

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