Sparse Evidence Provided: Wallbanger, Fly Guy, and an Old Pornographer

“Anytime you bring sexuality into the comics pages, you have to brace for the pushback.” Garry Trudeau

No restraints when it comes to zipper extravagance
Leads us to dudes who have a phallic existence
Without respect for the more subtle aspects of sexuality,
Mainly that of respect and the truest meaning of “NO.”

Take for instance the multitude of cuts
Wasted on the cinematic floor of the creeper
Who made movies with the express intent of profitability and
The secret hope of shagging young starlets.

His couch was there for the using, but
He should have his perverted member
Put in a cast for the way
He pushed and poked with the power of pseudo-authority he held over women.

The script is being re-written, Harvey.

How about comedy and sitcom royalty
Mixing concoctions to keep women from heckling
While a pudding pop ran rough shot
Through an unwilling participant in his idea of intimacy.

He took away any credibility he had as a family man.
He robbed any thought that he could have been a caring gym teacher.
He abused women and had his day in court.
He said nothing becoming the punchline he made of himself.

You should have plenty of sweaters, Bill.

Making deviant behavior cool
Seems to be the way rebels want to gain acceptance.
A long time before the internet
Blue magazines filled the bookstore shelves.

Who knew a pajama-clad old man
Could reign by his standard for which nudity would be displayed,
No matter the cost to the models shot to enhance his magazine’s stories
Or the perception of women bred by the images and cast in a man’s mind or hand.

May Harvey be the last bunny you photograph, Hugh.

Hey, guys, your wallet does not entitle you.
Your job status does not entitle you.
Your deviant little brain does not entitle you.
Just go away, please.

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