Sparse Evidence Proposed: We All Walk Around Like Peacocks

“Anytime you bring sexuality into the comics pages, you have to brace for the pushback.” Garry Trudeau

Daily dilemma drama
Is often self-made when the actors
Play parts that wrap wanton expressions
Of silliness in bogus brown paper bag sexuality.

All around people preen
Spreading feathers for the nothingness of attraction,
An attempt at fulfillment
Under the guise of pleasing others.

What of simple presentations
Without push-ups, nips, tucks, baggy pants, eye shadowing,
Skinny jeans, manscaping, or the next surgical enhancement?
It’s all too much to accommodate for.

How about appreciate self as self?
How about realizing realness?
How about plain proclamations instead of public pretending?
It’s only a little to ask.

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