Sparse Evidence Proposeed: All Shapes and Sizes

“Anytime you bring sexuality into the comics pages, you have to brace for the pushback.” Garry Trudeau

Long lines for shallow pours
Makes for ample time
To outline a story.

Under an indecisive sky
With sun and clouds taking turns covering the parking lot,
Expressions of sexuality flew.

Waiting for beer after weeks of prohibition
Made thirst at a festival
Like extreme hunger at a beach buffet.

My goal at this gluttonous liquid adventure
Was material for writing,
Characters, plot, humor.

I stood with a man,
A lover of men,
A friend of a rival who happened to be around.

He said to me,
“Look at the chest on that one,”
Which made me look her way and then back to him.

For it was the confusion of the question
Wrapped in the stereotypical mindset of what it means
To be straight or gay.

The dissonance was not as much for our opposite preferences,
But more that he would be so bold to ask it in such a confined social environment.
After all, we were all sort of cuddling in crowded lines for our drinks.

He continued, “I love the beauty of a woman’s body,
But they don’t (and here’s where I edit for the audience)
Like a man does.”

I kind of gulped and offered back, “I’ll take your word on that one.”
We both laughed all the way to the next shot and
Got separated only to run into each other later in the night.

The effects of long days of hydrating
Have negative effects on the behavior
Of normally rational people.

The imbibing in spirits
Loosens the inhibitions
Making for loose talk that is better off private.

The bi-body appreciating friend of the rival
Started telling me stories of their friendship without benefits,
Although samples of pre-intimacy might have been part of their history.

I listened, thinking how bizarre everything sounds after sunning with kegs,
Wrestling with regret for how embarrassing the next day will be, and
Wondering how to process all the information being dropped on my lap.

Ah, what the heck, good and bad aren’t the privy of straight-laced people,
They are the determinant of good and bad people.
What happens in private is private.

Just keep it that way, okay?

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