Sparse Evidence Proposed: Grapefruits and Egg Plants

“Anytime you bring sexuality into the comics pages, you have to brace for the pushback.” Garry Trudeau

He was a man of recreation
Enjoying a late night game of beer pong
When the cat down the street with two kids and
A surgically renovated wife
Approached the sticky table
With an offer, not a modest proposal
Or even one filled with the riches of an indecent one.

The charitable guy, he of family and ugly sweater stature,
Gave an offer of his cosmetically stacked spouse
To the slightly inebriated competitor
That suggested extracurriculars
In the late hours of the night or wee hours of the morn
Whichever it was, with no strings attached,
With no weirdness to be included.

Mid-wind up and Bud in hand,
The ponger froze like a computer overwhelmed with data,
Thoughts of debauchery treaded through his reptilian “brains”
Where such a tryst would have been met with little more than a hiss.
But wisdom comes with age and this pong game had not reached drunk yet,
So the plastic ball bouncing and potential romp and roller RSVP-ed with, “What, now?”

Well played, my man, well played.

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