Strange Impotence, Born and Bred: Things

There are too many things to think about
There are too many ways I dream to be

-Michael Bruner, Cartoons Are My Life

It seems selfish to talk about my hardships
They are so insignificant
Bullets rain from the sky killing too many,
The government fails to act on common sense measures
To facilitate a safer planet, and we wait for the next one.

On a different scale, Tom Petty wrestles with life,
Pretty much telling whatever stopped his heart
That he won’t back down.
All I can think is that he meant so much to me growing up and
How much greater his loss will be for his family.

When I dream of where I am,
Lost in the clouds of doubt, boredom, or plain old bitchiness,
I need to take a moment to realize that someone, somewhere,
Is dealing with much worse than I’ve ever known.
Be well Vegas. Be well Petty family. Be well, everyone.

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