Complacency Supports Relaxed Evenings: Thursday

“The best art divides the audience.” Rick Rubin

One of those days,
The battery on my phone took a night off
Leaving the wake-up call DOA.

I scrambled to get out of the house
Evidently not securing the top
One my water bottle.

It leaked, leaving a gym bag wet,
Somehow sparing my leftovers for lunch
And the dry clothes for work.

There were a ton of emails,
An absence of cold air, and an immediacy
To the morning because of a surprise faculty meeting.

The shower was cold, dang boiler…
The meeting was sad, dang cancer…
The morning was sucking, dang stuff.

The day went decently, the kids were cool,
We won our volleyball game and autumn winds
Were making the way into our area.

I got off the bus and reached for my keys…
The search was on…

Office? No.
Other school? No
Bus? Maybe.

I got a flashlight, not trusting my phone’s battery.
Stepping into the bus lot was amazing.
They park so closely together.

So the search went on
Me in the dark with a big metal flashlight
Buoyed by diminishing hope as the buses proved empty.

Finally, there was a test,
Two buses parked so closely together
The I could not get between them.

The thought of skipping the rest was tempting,
But there were only five more to go.
I may as well have been climbing Everest, I was so tired.

Yet, I did not punk out.
With two buses to go
I looked with pessimistic energy.

And there they were,
Stuffed between the cushion and the back
Like they were hiding for the night.

As I write, I’ve settled in,
Choosing to have a couple of beers and
More than a couple of bite-sized Snickers.



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