Complacency Supports Relaxed Evenings: Monday

“The best art divides the audience.” Rick Rubin

I stood there today
After teaching my classes
How to think of consequences
For a decision to take action or let it all be.
I stood there under the banners
Of Indians, Red-Raiders, Warriors, and
My own hometown Blue Demons
As the best, fastest version of the Star Spangled Banner played.
I wrestled with thoughts of taking a knee
Because the truth is that the country needs a wake-up call.
It needs grassroots movements in compassion,
Civility, and a moral compass pointing due north.

We don’t need propaganda.
We don’t need a media blitz
Or a social media Stuka screaming vulgarities from the Avenue.
We don’t need rallies
That seems to have shed their linens
For suits, fitted caps, and an open-faced scourge of bigotry.
We don’t need that or them.
We don’t need his opinions.
We don’t need his policies ruining what is a great work in progress.

I looked around my gym
With these feelings of disgust of our nation’s leader and
Measuring my steps with such a small audience at our game.
I longed for the changing of the mascot posters,
I yearned for a return to manners, and I took a moment to pray
That the “land of the free and home of the brave”
Will rise above our Big Rocketman
So we can find OUR way.

In the end, I stood
Rationalizing my stance
As a belief in what this country should be…could be…
The reality is probably closer to me thinking
I could not handle the consequences
Of such a statement under the nurturing roof of this longstanding school.

Maybe this is just the place where
I should have been safe enough
To dissent.


  1. That’s a hard one. And what happens to your students if you take that action ? Out in the community ? At home with families ? I don’t know how you resolve this one.

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