Complacency Supports Relaxed Evenings: Sunday

Flags of the World

“The best art divides the audience.” Rick Rubin

The President has weighed in,
Pretty much shirking the bigger picture
Of what the Constitution and United States
Are all about.

He fails to understand those unpopular stances
Help make this grand experiment possible.
He thinks with the brushing of hair,
A little dribble of base language, and
A message totally seeped in propaganda
That free speech will be shut down.

No Mr. President, and with all due respect,
Your free speech is no more important
Than those who feel they are being wronged
By government persecution, by unsteady justice, or
As a result of abstract drawings meant to keep power
In the votes of people enabling the real motivations
Of people to protest.

How about you stick to building coalitions,
Reaching across the aisle to bring Congress together,
Draining the swamp as you promised
Instead of stocking it with the unethical, profit packing visionaries
You brought to your well-funded inauguration party.

Perhaps you could take a moment to understand the grander scale
Of the protests taking place, the voices that are raised in opposition
To inequality, economic injustice, and partisan bickering
That does more to foster the patriotic bloodletting
Than a knee or a t-shirt.
It’s the inaction of your administration and the ambivalent way
Your policies, family, and minions view the majority of the country
That has people kneeling and hoping for a Nixon like ending to this mess.

So please, Sir, do us all a favor,
Put your phone away,
Show whatever non-
Atlantic City,
Trump Air,
Trump University,
USFL business acumen you claimed to have,
Ignore the whims and wishes of your high priest-like donors, and
Do what’s best for our country.

Understanding the depth of protest might be a good place to start.



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