Bewildered Eyes Hack: Hungry, Even Less Patience

“Comedy is, for the most part, just an obsession with injustice.” Whitney Cummings

He came to school without having breakfast
Lunch was late, more than half his school day over
Before the subsidized meal got passed his way
Records showed that he spent lots of time in the office
In the periods before he ate

Mmmm, Mmmm, not good.

She noshed all morning long
Biding time on sugary drinks and powdered confections
Until she could sit in gossip in the faculty room.
Her moods went up and down with the spikes in her blood
And he drove her crazy every morning

Hmmm, Hmmm, see a trend?

They butted heads during fasting and gluttony
Waging war with imbalance inside
That proved out of whack on the outside
Turning school into a battlefield that
Could have been avoided with nutritional diplomacy.

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