What’s Doing

“How are you complicit in creating the conditions you don’t want?” Jerry Colonna

The yak herders gathered, gave big governments a finger, and got back to it.
They took their herds to the mountains,
Letting the yak experience their wild thing,
While the herders caught up with their old friends.

A bunch of adults logged onto social media threw convention out and got back to it.
They dropped their phones, drove their own cars, and talked to each other
Letting their friends know how much
They missed each other’s company.

The herders realized the world was changing,
Embracing the debt ridden ways of the other side of the world neighbors
They realized there was no money to be made herding yak
So they begged governments for assistance.

The bunch of adults began feeling withdrawal
A pineal pain from not staring at their phones for hours.
Their social stimulation waned
So they told their friends, “later,” and they’d hit them up on Facebook.

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