Adults Hopscotching with Yak Herders: Life Rant

“How are you complicit in creating the conditions you don’t want?” Jerry Colonna

Our owning of mortgages
Is something like government blockades
Keeping the yak from higher altitudes,
Keeping the herders at home,
Killing off their history.

Credit card debt
May as well be a marker of servitude,
Putting the holder
In a financial straight jacket
That only comes off
Once the companies have made their killing.

Some might say marriage,
Others might say politics,
Weirdos might say tolerance,
Although I could never understand them,
That the norms we live as adults
Keep us from the freedom of being a human
As we can never be free when some entity has a say over us.

I wonder what it would be like without these norms,
The institutions, and the regulations.
I wonder how it feels to get in the mountains with yak herds,
Allowing the crisp air to fill the lungs to their fullest.
Perhaps we are nothing more than frenetic hopscotches
Lost in the cement of normalcy, expectancy, and the routine.

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