Adults Hopscotching with Yak Herders: Knuckle Biting Chicanery

“How are you complicit in creating the conditions you don’t want?” Jerry Colonna

Infused revelry
Gathering for live music and cold ones
Yelling at each other with smiles painted on faces
For no other reason than something to do

What’s up, dude,
You need to back off.
Big as you are
If I knock them out, you’ll be down

Hey, city slicker
What brings you to the burbs?
Heard this is where it’s at
Yes, Uber takes awhile out here.

Sorry to hear about your life, man
Glad you have full custody,
But isn’t your story of heartbreak
One many of us know?

The night brings a fog
Although clarity arrives,
All the way from Tibet
Where the yak herders laugh at our misery.

They can’t move as border conflicts have closed the free range.
Even if there is a bar fight, at least we can go home.
Their lives have lost cultural traditions, unable to work their old ways.
We party into oblivion before taking off on Labor Day.

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