“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

A light rain was falling
Gray sky brought weekend energies down
Lifting the appreciation for hours
With the idiot box.

Having lived through wrestling,
Sitcoms, OJ three or four times, Trumpnado, and shout tv,
I figured I could survive a few hours of mind bending pixel absorption
Under the peacefulness of a summer shower.

When I watch, I go for different,
Once that allowed for the Mesquite Country Rodeo,
Poker before the saturation, and Australian Rules Football.
I missed the variety of the Wide World of Sports.
I yearned for something sporting, a little novelty,
Not what I got.

Video game league?….

What do you even call it?
Cars were playing soccer or team handball
Like some kind of Tron meets Speed Racer.
There were video game athlete profiles,
Expert analysis from a color commentator and gaming legend.
When I woke from my daze after two rounds of this televised arcade competition
I felt sad for network executives.

Sad because they have too much time to fill.
Sad because the pace of sports cannot satisfy hyperkinetic minds.
Sad because I missed the old days when Saturday was college and Sunday was pro
With the rest of the week for going outside and playing.
That was before television took over.
That was before fantasy leagues.
That was when sports were desirable,
Now they are competing with video games for air time.

Time to get a book…

Do we still have those?…

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