(6) Scrollin’ (4/7)

“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

Scroll…MSNBC-Trump 24/7
Scroll…The Sinner-“No one can figure out why in this murder mystery…”
Scroll…American Sniper (Who knew it was a show?)
Scroll…Hellboy (Oh boy…)
Scroll…Safe Haven (Dark secrets and romance…)
Scroll…Outdaughtered: Life with Quints-Extreme Quint Makeover (Huh?)
Scroll…Impractical Jokers-Swim Shady (Not funny…)
Scroll…Live From the PGA Championship (Tee off is Thursday guys…)
Scroll…Ultimate Frisbee (Done.)

Sometimes I miss only having three channels,
Although, watching those shows today,
They sucked too.

I can’t believe neither Tiny House Nation
Nor American Pickers
Are on.

1 Comment

  1. yea I hear ya. That’s why Netflix is looking better and better. Although I can’t believe American Pickers isn’t on somewhere. Isn’t there still a lot of trash out there with hidden “treasures” LOL Maybe not.

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