(6) Cablin’ (3/7)

“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

Sometime after Oz,
Not Dorothy’s Kansas,
Cable became the only way of watching television.
Sitcoms couldn’t do it,
Must see tv with laugh tracks and sanitized stories
Did nothing for me.

Oswald Penn was a shocker,
A prison drama that I couldn’t take my eyes away from,
Although, there was plenty to avert.
The Sopranos teased me, unlike Oz which seduced me,
Then came The Wire.

There’s too much to go into there,
Characters, plot, realism, social commentary,
The greatest show ever
Networks were exorcized and no Big 3 show has grabbed me again.

Absurd, I know, but I need the challenge of cable tv, but wait,
It’s waning too…
Now I’m lost because cable television with its debate news and sports talk
Is becoming a scream fest to see who can yell the loudest.
The saturation, hours and hours of the same show, is a forced binge watching
The producers have taken formulaic television to new levels of predictability,
A regression formula in my opinion.

So I stream, looking for nuggets on Neflix or YouTube,
They are there, but it’s getting harder to sort through the choices,
However, surfing the streams is much more fun
Than enduring the rest of muck.


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