(6) Sportin’ (2/7)

“An over commitment to the absurd.” Vince Vaughn

The middle years brought the sports hype,
Sports Illustrated,
“You are looking live at…”
Magic, Ralph, Julius
Nolan, JR, Ryne
Hockey? Nah.
The Cowboys ruled
(Don’t tell my parents, but I can’t stand them anymore.)

I knew all the players
High school phenoms,
College all-stars
All of them,
Less the hockey players, of course.

I thought amateurism was real,
That Americans were clean in the Olympics
That students were also athletes,
That NCAA was not a business,
That professionals played for the love of the game and
That they could be positive role models,
Since just by being who they are, they
Play a role in our lives.

Now, I watch the youngins
Copy their favorite athletes
Talking the talking,
Walking with swagger,
Investing in the gear, the sneakers, the fantasy leagues.

The sportin’ madness lives on…

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