(4) Running the City of Magnificent Intentions (5/7)

“You think you know where the boundaries are, but you see this stuff and think, if this thing I’m looking at is possible, what else might be possible?” Android Jones, from Stealing Fire, Kotler and Wheal (2017)

Running a race is something else.
Take a moment and see all that is there,
See the expanse of potential,
Recognize the commonalities.
Let it inspire for races tell of hope and
What is possible
When people get together.

Running is no panacea.
Just because a person runs
Does not mean they are fit.
Yet those who are not
Still must find a way to finish.
Perhaps that means keeping their breathing steady,
Slowing their pace, or getting with a good group.
They change, they adapt, they let the race come to them.

Running does not have to be rally filled.
Running does not guarantee allegiance.
Winning does not mean a damn thing
When the runner pushes the rules of competition,
Some call that cheating, but values vary
In the way powerful people act
So delusion lets politicians be politicians
While we watch rats ruin their magnificent race.

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