(4) Lessons From the Rat Race (4/7)

“You think you know where the boundaries are, but you see this stuff and think, if this thing I’m looking at is possible, what else might be possible?” Android Jones, from Stealing Fire, Kotler and Wheal (2017)

The true spirit of who we are
Gets tested each mile of the race.
Those with the most aerodynamic look
Make running look effortless,
The glide over air barely tapping the ground.

Everyone else finds their way,
The debutantes forgo the look
Getting ugly and persisting when
The masses are no longer paying attention
To them.

The plodders and charitable runners
Weave their ways,
Finding solid footing to only add
To the challenge
Of achieving their goals.

All though, have a system.
They understand their place in the order.
They struggle, persist, achieve.
They do their thing without upsetting others
As a group flow lets everyone succeed.

Perhaps it is time for leaders to pay attention
To simple races where the outcome is uncertain,
The goals are many, and the competition does not get in the way.
Maybe they could learn how everyone
Gets to the same finish line together.


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