(4) Rat Race Running (3/7)

“You think you know where the boundaries are, but you see this stuff and think, if this thing I’m looking at is possible, what else might be possible?” Android Jones, from Stealing Fire, Kotler and Wheal (2017)

Those at the front take off in a sprint
Those dressed for show make it look flashy
Those running for charity look at peace
And those in the back have a party.

The runner’s wave ebbs and flows,
Sometimes one will fall and the mass will part,
Sometimes many will tumble like dominoes.
Such is the way at the start of a race.

All the anxiety
All the hope
All the doubt
Whisks away as their shoulders brush by each other.

1 Comment

  1. I just finished reading “Stealing Fire” !!! Amazing book-I got it out of the library but had to order it from Amazon because I want it in my house for reference. Am in the middle of reading Steven Kotler’s earlier book “West with Jesus” which is proving to be just as mind enhancing and a primer for “Stealing Fire.” Like your take on that one moment when one moves in a space of ” time out of time.”

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