(4) Rat Race Start (2/7)

“You think you know where the boundaries are, but you see this stuff and think, if this thing I’m looking at is possible, what else might be possible?” Android Jones, from Stealing Fire, Kotler and Wheal (2017)

There are the runners, the real ones
Who run their warm ups with purpose
Trying to get a sweat like boxers before a fight.

There are beauties there, the needy ones
Who dress in their outfits with purpose
Trying to get an audience like strippers on a pole.

There are do-gooders, the charitable ones
Who run for a cause, their noble purpose,
Trying to raise money for a cure.

Some strap on belts full of energy, mixes of gels and juice,
Others are there for the gab, not really running, just talking
Lastly are the fitness buffs, just trying to burn some fat.

All toe the same line.
All shapes, sizes, and motivations
Working, judging, and pining at the countdown.

And they’re off…

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