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“Hold fast, then, to this sound and wholesome rule of life-that you indulge the body only so far as is needful for good health.” Seneca

Doug always sat with his left shoulder to the wall
It was the only way he could hear others
Since his hearing had been damaged in the war

Normally, Doug got to a restaurant early,
Which allowed him a choice seat,
But tonight, he got there too late.

They were all there, the high school crew
Reuniting in an old warehouse
Turned into a new brew pub.

The ceilings were high.
The bro-country music was cranked to fill the room.
Chatter took up the rest of the space.

There was a lot to catch up on,
This bunch had not been together
For nearly thirty years.

As if the reunion stress was not bad enough,
Doug worried that he would not be able to hear well.
“Here goes,” he thought.

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