(2) Too Little Too Late (5/7)

“Find an independence where action becomes action that supports the whole action that includes everything and does everything that is needed.” (Presence, by C. Otto Scharmer, Peter M. Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Betty Sue Flowers)

Scripture escapes me,
I’ve read The Bible, the Tao, Buddhist teachings,
Each sticks with me in different ways,
Each leaves when the lesson loses it’s feeling

One thing seems true,
All speak of being decent to fellow man,
All implore personal responsibility
For whatever action must be dealt with

The Cathedral of Kensington needs our help
Perhaps the building has lost its significance, but
The people dying inside are not insignificant,
They need our help.

The vision of addiction is that of a personal problem
Those who see through elitist goggles are shortsighted.
Addiction does not just impact the addict’s life,
It sucks the soul from all of us.

The church can offer its blessing to those wasting away.
The media can expose the problems of those wasting away.
The police can lock up those wasting away.
The city can tear down or clean up the shooting galleries of those wasting away,

But the visions do not see all.
They are bandages ill-equipped to stave off the epidemic,
Unable to bring healing to the sick,
Unwilling to expose the problems existing in society.

Problems like the inequitable distribution of money,
The reliance of people on pill popping prophesies,
Fear-based models of governance, or
A general blind eye to compassion.

This cathedral is no longer such a place.
It’s a drug den. It’s a symbol of our failings as a society.
It’s a shell of a place that will probably be torn down,
Another fix that fails to address the whole problem.

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