(2) The Corners (2/7)

“Find an independence where action becomes action that supports the whole action that includes everything and does everything that is needed.” (Presence, by C. Otto Scharmer, Peter M. Senge, Joseph Jaworski, Betty Sue Flowers)

There was a time when Kensington was something,
Now it’s something else.
Along the tracks there is an open air shooting gallery,
An encampment that would make Bubbles cringe.
Trains rush by, bodies pile up, and no one took responsibility
Or even seemed to care,
Until the free press got involved and began exposing the Hell
That was just out of eyesight, but in plain view for all.

The cops came, the social workers came, sanitation workers came, and
The addicts began to leave.
They caught the number whatever bus to McPherson Square.
Before long the librarians were dosing Narcan
Instead of helping kids find books for summer reading.
The reporters reported.
The cops, social workers, and sanitation workers came, and
The addicts left.

Kensington is bipolar, part run down, part prime gentrification property.
The developers and hipsters are working together to drive up rents,
Clean up dilapidated buildings, and leave fewer places for the addicts
To mismanage their uncontrollable cravings, there isn’t any help to them
For fighting their disease, but the users are resourceful.
Kensington still provides the resources to those who look,
To those with no other options.

Ascension of Our Lord, the Cathedral of Kensington, had fallen out of favor
After being deconsecrated in 2012, the massive stone house of worship
Became a refuge for those parlaying with the demons of addiction.
Mattresses took over any space,
Confessionals became toilets or private spaces for the most intimate of acts,
Drugs flowed and misery embraced the once holy walls.

Once again, reporters, cops, social workers, and sanitation workers did their jobs.
Again the addicts are out looking, but
The Mayor is involved…
So is Licenses and Inspections…
They will punish the owner of the building,
Who was supposed to be doing something with it.
I wonder what God thinks of the way his old building has been treated.

How about his children?

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