June is Done

It’s late, nearly ten o’clock.
The New Retro is streaming,
My skin is recovering
From a day at the pool.

The morning was spent with my daughter.
We soaked up the direct rays
The two of us alone with the guards
Letting the clouds carry us away.

The afternoon we faced directly into sunset’s wheelhouse,
The five o’clock sun strong and
My book about Joshua’s friend
Funny, sacrilegious, and enlightening all at once.

Then, the big kids came,
Those guys my age and I gave up reading
To talk the nonsense us guys talk
When we get the opportunity to just be guys.

The connection between morning and night
Being salamanders, who knows why, but
My daughter nearly stepped on one and my friends
Who is staying at a resort named after the amphibians.

I don’t know what this means Uncle Jim, so
Don’t read too much into this one.
I think it was just a perfect day
Touched by the energy of the Quarry.

June will be gone in a couple of hours.
I’ll wake to the repetition of running and
Head back to the waters
Looking forward to what July brings.

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