Some Day

Saturdays should be relaxing, but
This one started at six in the morning.
Those working would say, “boo-hoo,”
To my normal waking time.
It’s Saturday, though, too soon to wake up.

However, my son needed a bed, and
I had an extra, so I loaded it up,
Dared the rain by not using a tarp,
And hustled through the cow dung-scented fields
Out in Lancaster.

After Waffle House and Starbucks,
I returned with plans for the pool.
The sun was coming out, the clouds were heading east, and
It looked like a perfect day was coming on.
Then, the news of my neighbor.

This kid means well, but
The demons of consumption have caught up with him
Leaving him strapped to a bed and fighting
Whatever battles happen
When a person is unconscious.

The pool was just as expected, but
A great deal of my time there,
I was thinking of my neighbor.
We are not close, but he doesn’t deserve
Most of what has happened to him these last couple of years.

Hopefully, his rest feels like my pool time,
Peaceful with deep blue skies,
Calming with water falling over rocks,

While I write the Phillies are on.
I’m thinking this is a good end to the day.
Maybe they are coming around.
My son will get a good night’s sleep.
Good Lord willing, my neighbor will come back.


  1. Sometimes on the weekends we just want to fucking relax but there’s always some sort of responsibility we have to sometimes do right?

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