Far Cry

A ten-pack of Chicken McNuggets
Washed down with a Miller Lite
While listening to Pandora
Blasting Jessie’s Girl
Is an appropriate loser scenario
For a Saturday night
When exes dominate the neighborhood.

Loser, that’s a tough label to carry.
Yet, it might be better to change it to stubborn,
Pig-headed, or proud.
When ghosts come back
They seem more like demons than Casper.
Truth is, I don’t have the time
To socialize on that level of “poltergeistness.”

For the worse, I suspect,
I’m not one to forgive or forget.
Cheerful folks will say I should let things go,
But I’m a line guy. Those who cross the line get written off.
So tonight, when the house on the hill acts as a crenelated condominium,
I’m enjoying my rubbery chicken, watery beer, and 80s pop
Secure in the choice to be alone and true to what I think is right.

1 Comment

  1. actually a 10 pack of Chicken Nuggets and a beer (or glass of wine) sounds like an wonderful use of a Saturday evening. Never underestimate the beauty of a quiet solitary evening listening to music. It heals the soul.

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