Of Richard, Orenthal, and the Present Day


There was an article of Nixon
Describing his thoughts
In the days before his resignation.
He thought of using his power to pardon
To let off all of the guys who paid the price
For his sinister ambition.

The wiser ones suggested
He also pardon those who dodged Vietnam,
Which Tricky Dick refused,
Suggesting that some crimes against the nation
Cannot be forgiven,
So his boys went to the pokey.

There was also something amiss with Richard’s taxes,
Rumors of off-shore accounts, and
A general dismay in his running of the country.
The story ran on May 23, 1977,
A mere forty years ago,
Very little has changed.

The edition of the New York Times
Also featured an advertisement for Hertz Rental Cars
With The Juice running through an airport in
A business suit instead of pads,
A briefcase instead of a football, and
That smile hiding him from us all.

Celebrity was his gift
As OJ made fame his legacy.
Perhaps football fame would have been better
For this summer he comes up for parole.
If all works out
He’ll soon be running the streets again.

Perhaps all of this is coincidence,
A president with legal issues to consider,
Celebrity, at least in the political arena,
Is running for cover, some of his guys probably
Hoping to make their next flight
Free of the shadow cast by their boss.




Photo Credits: Google Images


  1. I really like this insight. I am going to post it on Facebook. Thanks for this.

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