Spring Is In the Air

In class today,
We started watching THE video.
My students think it’s corny,
Especially the family talking about pregnancy.
I just roll with it,
Enjoying John Lithgow’s voice,
Period after period, year after year.

I love that kids are learning the science, but
I know from their comments
They have advanced understanding
Of what they think sex is,
At least what they’ve seen on the Internet.
Fortunately, they get to see and talk about it all
With clear understanding of the consequences of sexual choices.

Tomorrow will bring
A birth that I’ve seen fifty or so times before.
The kids will be shocked by the scene and
Then brag about seeing worse in horror movies and Teen Mom.
I’ll let them talk
Without poo-pooing their chatter and
Encouraging them to take their time
Before joining in on Life’s Greatest Miracle.

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