Thanks, Chach

So I’m in the city of champions
Excluding Foxboro, Montreal, and Los Angeles,
I’d be in Pittsburgh
With its three-sport existence
Where time would seem to have blessed the city
With more than it’s share of winning seasons.

If only Philly had such a history…

But tonight I found that abandoned churches
Can brew the best Almond Joy liquid representations
And renovated YMCAs make for great hotels
With their hipster crowds and pick up dodgeball games.
Man I wish the libations and exercise didn’t conflict
Or that my old soul could party and play that much harder.

At least I didn’t bleed when the ball hit my nose piercing…
(I don’t have one, but someone else did…)

Before arriving in the Steel City
I stopped at the Flight 93 Memorial.
Words are hard to find for what I felt,
But I’ve only had that feeling at
The Vietnam Memorial and
When Taps was played at my grandfather’s funeral.

Sometimes emotion is too much…

So we lean on the mundane,
Like amazing crab dip and steak to distract us.
The whiskey and tequila helped and
Whoever invented Uber
Must have had too many DUIs
To drive safely. Thank goodness for them!

Thank God my daughter was there for the important stuff!

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