A Day at the Master’s

So it started in a dingy gym
With the rim bent
And no schedule for the start
Of tournament games.
We played well,
Too many turnovers in the first,
But a nice rebound in the second
For a win.

I cruised back from the ailing gymnasium
To sample the ales in my hometown
That had been paired with cheeses
Under the sweet sounds of authors
Reading about the mysteries of life
To an ambivalent audience at best.

Unfortunately, one of the readers called out.
Previously my son implored me to be aggressive
And when I got there I cozied up to the owner
Who directed me to the organizers
Of the event.
They needed a body and as has been the case lately
I filled in without meeting any of the varsity authors.

Reading poetry from a phone is hard
Since the spacing goes a little crazy,
But the lines found a home and
People laughed just enough
To let me feel like I belonged on author’s circuit…
Well, at least in the KBC,
With its fine beer and tasty food.

Finally, at home,
Jim Nance and Nick Faldo offering commentary
As Justin Rose and Sergio Garcia offered entertainment
On the senior circuit at The Masters.
The shots flew, cutting through the excitement
Like a hot knife and butter, cream cheese, or nerves
To provide the end to a masterful day.

***Thanks KBC for the opportunity to read today…

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