Name Your Spornship Team

Why when I listen to NASCAR drivers
Do I hear the second highest political dude
Sounding as if he should be holding a sugary drink,
Selling a slippery corporate designed ad campaign
That is rehearsed with the acting quality used by a second-hand car salesman,
And promising in the ability of questionable souls
To soundly deliver on the merits of a lie?

I’m one to be critical of most that politicians spew,
But just as the dude outside the high-intensity training gymnasium
That I passed on my way home,
I think when I hear the next-in-line talking
I get nauseous thinking about the swill
This guy is selling
With that bogus smirk on his face.

I feel bad for the NASCAR guys
Who have honed their craft to appease corporate sponsors,
Yet the man who could be called on to take over
Would not be able to get out of pit row
With the lack of judgment he gives passing attention to.
We are riding under caution and
Could use a track bar adjustment.

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