After day of listening
To weasels explain
Executive rantings and ravings,
And after getting poked
In the chest nine times
By a Jets fan
During a conversation
About Tony Romo,
I needed a moment to think about
The true essence of happiness…


Some might suggest that I’m humorless
Quite untrue for I love a smart laugh
And an insightful look into the absurd,
So today, my first day back,
After a working vacation, I…



A juicy, seal like laugh…

One dripping with inuendo…


So inspired was I by the jocularity
That my face turned red and
Tears ran from my eyes
As if I had been punctured by a ceramic juicer
On a cold winter’s day…


Maybe the best part
Was the evolution of the punch line,
Set up through a dicussion of killer whales
Digressing into a coded, NC-17 monologue
About culinary hydration and the
Pleasue of eating food dripping with flavor.

As the time changed
Forcing us to our next class,
There had been no joke recognition,
Then the immaturity and ridiculousness
Of our knights at the trapezoidal table talk
Reached a point of satiation
I could not handle any longer.

Dare I say…org…I dare not.

Cue the fireworks,
Bring in the clowns,
“Is that Mel Brooks?,”
Because my laughter nearly
Broke a rib.

It all started again
As I stood over my grill
Debating whether the salmon
Would be flaky or under cooked,
Only a smile and a chuckle this time.
For the record,
The fish was just right.

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