Saturday Morning

This week I’ve been teaching,
Really more like learning,
About the role of bonding
In the prevention of drug abuse…
Which by the way is not a problem for me,
I’m not interested in those risks.
Finally, on Saturday,
The takeaways from the school grind
Came crashing down,
Lifting me up
From the winter doldrums
So persistent this time of year.
I’m not sure if it was my wife
Brushing our dog,
Both so beautifully content
In the sun
Streaming through the slider,
Or maybe my reading of Buddhist lessons
To appreciate now
As deeply as possible,
Or maybe Springsteen from Philly
Back when summer was exerting its influence
On a hot Friday night,
Or maybe it was all three
That had me wanting to do push-ups,
Cry, and
Smile all at the same time.
For awhile, no politics,
No self-pity, no self-imposed pressure to be perfect,
Just the appreciation
For what is around me,
The readings coming to life
As I was more mindful of the beauty of today.
Then, as I rode through Darlington County
With my arms and chest
A little wobbly from the small amount of exercise,
I couldn’t help but be thankful
For this Saturday morning,
The tears, the smiles, the push-ups,
The journey.

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