House Sitting

Why not?
When alone
Why not act like I did
Back when I was single.
All the tools are before me.
A rough draft to edit,
A concept map to guide new ideas,
The Farm and Business Directory of Ches Co 1914,
My journal,
A spiral graph paper notebook with notes,
The television remote, a variety of pens,
And a healthy supply of Hooker’s House
That supplies all the effort
Guaranteed on the label.

The only difference is now I’m married
And my dog is part of the scene.
We are hanging on the bed,
Obviously, I’m writing, and
The ALO channel on Pandora
Is cranking “Could You Be Loved”
By the reggae master, Bob.
It’s like a time capsule up in here,
Only this time my family will come home,
But tonight I get to
Do as I did and
I’m thinking I’ll do it
Until I’m done.

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