Day 2

So yesterday was about beef,

Today about beers and a birthday.

My grandmother turned 95

And I made the trip down the way

Finding her in Dreamcoat threads

And that southern charm

I grew up with.

Seeing her refuse help down a hill

Made me realize old need not be weak.

From there, a few of us braved

Turbulent parking

And the strongest of winds

To find shelter

Under a roof of protection

And a trickle of beer.

We joked,

We ribbed,

We shared our stories

Of the same family events.

How different our versions were…

And it was great.

Laughing about the hardness,

Commiserating about the pain,

Yet able to know

We were one just because.

Microbrews brought it all home

‘Cuz there’s money in that alcohol.
I say let’s do it again

At 100!

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