Sick Day

Sixty-three degrees today,
Five to eight inches of snow tomorrow,
My dog and I are sitting on the deck
In full denial of the weather,
Very presidential, huh?

I napped today
Under the inspiration of something viral
And totally ignoring the doctor’s plea
To get a flu shot.
Heck, I’m already sick. Why risk it?

The nap was crazy.
Soundscapes provided the soundtrack
To dreams that went Seinfeld
Giving me a line that I’m not sure of,
Something about labor past fifty and a massage.

Maybe the nap drew from Rectify,
Which I had watched prior to shutting down.
In it, a character was pregnant,
The older characters were dealing with moving on,
And the sister was about to make a relationship play.

The show was good fodder for sleep
With my sinuses full
And a cough that is thick and heavy,
But it’s good to know my spirits are still alive
These few months past fifty.

As the hours near for non-stop weather coverage,
There will be great anticipation in the house for a snow day,
But right now I’m sitting in a cool breeze
Listing to a far off hammer pounding away
Wishing this was year round weather.

It feels very Williamsburg.
Virginia, not New York.
Birds are chirping and feather thin clouds lace the sky.
Too bad it’s going to snow.
Too bad there’s no massage.

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