Marathon Journal: For 2-5-17

What an interesting week of training. I didn’t run at all. For those of you following along, it would be reasonable to think something was up with my calf. Thankfully, there is nothing going on there. I just didn’t feel like running. Instead, I played basketball. Yes, I played basketball and risked injuring my calf again. I know, I’m crazy, stupid, or whatever negative label most appropriately describes my decision-making process. Here is the reality of this marathon training…I don’t care about it. I’m doing this because I want to and I’m going to do it my way. Sure, there are principles of training that I should be following. I know there are all sorts of programs I should be following, but this week was busy and I’m not going to miss the opportunity to shoot some pain free hoops if I can.

I marvel at people who have the single-minded focus to train with a strict discipline. I used to run with a group and there was a guy who was training for a 100-mile race. He would three hours in the darkness of the early morning, squeeze in a run at lunch, run three more hours at night. He was inspiring and off-putting at the same time. I could not fathom his ability to endure the hours of training, nor did I want the aches he often complained about. He ran his race and I think it took him about twenty-seven hours. He also came home with a bump on his head as he fell asleep while running at one point. After his story, I knew that kind of training was beyond me and that I need to keep things in perspective.

So on this day gray day, I write while watching golf in the desert, sipping tea from Mrs. Robinson’s shop, nursing a sinus infection, and glad to have sweated it out on the basketball court this week. Tuesday, my coaching season ends. Then I’m back to the serious training. Rest assured, though, I’m not going to go crazy. I’m not capable of doing that.

Thank you for reading my blog. I am running this “marathon of one” to support the Kennett Area YMCA. If you would like to support the Y, I have provided the link to their site below. Since this about running for a charity of my choice, I think it would be awesome if you donated to the Kennett Area YMCA, but if you have a cause close to your heart, by all means, use the spirit of this challenge to give to a charity or organization you are more comfortable with. I would love that…good for this journey’s spirit!

Donate-Kennett YMCA

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