I’m rarely surprised by people
Their little ways ceased to shock long ago.
Most folks are just riding the time train,
Clocking hours and busying themselves
Until that day when everything comes to an end.

Perhaps it has already arrived…

Today, however, brought a pause to my
“Them being them” perspective
When a man I respected
Shared the passion of his support
For the guy living in DC.

I was shocked by his tone, not his choice…

This dude, who lives with a disability,
Supports the man who mocked his existence,
Who could ruin our profession,
Who acts without accountability,
And who seems to believe in a purebred bloodline.

Shocked isn’t strong enough…

This dude railed on the last eight years
Like the eight before 44’s never existed.
He did not believe in the economic recovery after W and before DJ
In spite of the inherited wars and lack of help
From the opposition party.

Maybe I felt pity…

He acted like the former candidate
Stomping, denying, repeating, cajoling
All the while telling me I knew nothing
For believing there
IS A BETTER WAY…even in when we disagree, which is okay

Pity turned to anger…

I got mad at this colleague
For I reasoned before voting,
Clearly not impressed with any of the candidates
But fearing the old world tenor
Of what spewed from the party of my youth.

I’m free of political affiliation now…

I threw him some cocktails spiked with executive order hypocrisy
Meant to burn his irrationality,
But he is schooled in the real estate Jedi mind tricks
Of nuh-uh and make fun of Obama
That is better suited for a third-grade cafeteria than world stage.

Then, I walked away with disappointment…

Saddened because I can never see my colleague in the same light.
His inability to talk in reasoned ways,
His lack of objectivity in seeing positives and negatives in politics,
And his downright base way of communicating
Took him right off my list.

I felt better…

I hope this menage that governs us
Will figure out that we need them to represent all of us
For we are a republic,
Not a fantasy government league.
And to my guy at work, “Hello, good-bye.” That’s it.


  1. Mind blowing to find someone is not what you thought they were. That guy must have huge resentment against the world, even the universe. Good luck for working with him from now.

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