Marathon Journal: For 1-29-17

This is the hat circa 2004-05…


The week got away from me with basketball and binge watching TV taking over. I think there should be an understanding that if a person takes a nap on Sunday, time stops for them to ensure that they do not lose valuable weekend time. My nap today, shortened the weekend by about two hours, but that was because my run started yesterday at about noon and ended around 9:30 this morning. I’ll explain later…

First, for those following along, my calf finally gave in and relaxed. Maybe it was the bananas. Maybe it was the near non-stop stretching. Could it have been “A Fine Pilsner” or two…or three… In desperation, I picked up a heating pad and turned my left leg into the human equivalent of a pig on a spit. Whatever it was, I felt good enough to go for a run today after bashing my calf like the guy in Washington bashing us with his Animal House float looking head. (Go watch the movie. He appears right before Otter gets beaten up! Hmmm, sounds like the Constitution.)

So about this one run of the week starting yesterday… My role as the 9th-grade basketball coach at school gives me the opportunity to sort of hang out with the JV and Varsity teams at their games. Yesterday, we were playing an away game and I was sitting at the end of the bench during warm ups scouting out the local team’s talent when an old man came over to talk to me. He started telling me all about John Wooden, John Thompson, and Bobby Knight. Each had been an inspiration to him and he learned a great deal from them that he used with his teams. Our talk was so relaxing and kind of took my mind away from my previous task. As he walked away, I must have been “blank slating” because my eyes went right to a man wearing a black hat from a trail race. The race is a 50K (31-miles) that I ran back in ’03 or ’04. We talked a bit about the race and he asked if I still had my hat (The race is called the Hat Run and they give out baseball caps instead of t-shirts.). I had mine up until a year ago when my pit bull decided to put an end to the hat. We got a laugh out of that and the game began.

Talking with the men must have affected me on some level. After a few cautious laps on the track this morning, I began thinking of both. They were older. Each was polite and willing to share their experiences. One was African American and the other white, which is not really important, except that I think there are people in our country who would shy away from either because of their “color.” People are people, people. Learn to appreciate each other.

So there I was on the run. I felt great and got buffet ideas about how much I was going to run. Below the track in a corner room off the gym, I could hear the Spinning instructor yelling and today her music was great (except for that “round and round” song…). The rest of the gym was empty for the first thirty minutes. My legs were fresh. My lungs were clear and I decided that I would go for ninety minutes. A few minutes before nine that all changed. The group exercise class started to “Walking Dead” into the gym. They shuffled across the floor with big water bottles, Coach bags, and yoga mats for the floor work. The “Sundayers” crack me up because they have unofficially assigned spots. Each week women go to the same places on the floor and God forbid someone new to the class take their spot. It cracks me up.

Fifteen minutes into the class, the music turned on me. The song had a sound that sounded like those crazy horns from the World Cup. I totally lost concentration and the calm of the empty gym floated away with the “EEEHEHEHEER” of the music. Then some guy in the front row started yelling the stereotypical aerobics yell and I was done. I did the self-talk thing to convince myself that this was good mental practice for the grind of running a marathon, but it didn’t work. I mixed in some thrusters, sit-ups, hip raises, and then hit the road.

From the calm of casual conversations to the beat down of thump-thump music… My run was today was awesome. Thinking about the two old guys was a relief from the news polarizing my country. Hopefully, this new governing style will understand that when one system pushes, other systems push back. Maybe whoever is running our country will step away and let the government represent all of the people and not just the egos of those holding office and the ledgers of those paying to get them elected. I’m glad I thought about that after the run. Too bad the country didn’t think about it before the election.

Thank you for reading my blog. The marathon I am training for is real, but I’m the only person running it. I am going to run 493 laps around the track at the Kennett Area YMCA and make a donation to the Y as my “entry fee.” If you would like to donate to the Kennett Y, I have included the link below. However, the true spirit of this run is to donate where you want, so feel free to donate to a charity you prefer if you are so inclined. I’d love that!

Donate to the Kennett YMCA

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