The Ugly Unreality


A friend of mine
Talks of the current changes
In the context of 1984.

I agree, although,
I would take The Great Communicator
Over this current bunch any day.

My literary take
Centers on chaos, fear, and deception
Chronicled in The Shock Doctrine.

The premise being
If everything spins out of control
The government can wield all power.

This current storm sweeping America
Is a powerful wind blowing
Hot air, denial, and zephyrs of discontent.

Who is watching the back door?
Education, climate, and health care
Are all on the “You’re fired,” line.

These discussions of crowd sizes and MLK, Jr’s bust
Are nothing but distractions.
They are hiding the ugly, unreal substance of this new clan.

Don’t look away America.
Make them answer the questions.
This is not a book.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia commons

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