Marathon Journal: For 1-21-17

Let’s get right to the crux of things. I beat to a different drum, but not so different that I could be called “out there.” I’ve learned over the past few days, that I don’t get excited by comedies. They are okay, but I don’t hold onto the jokes from movies or television shows the way some people do. At the same time, though, I love banter with friends that is funny. Go figure. I also learned that I have a fashion sense that is polarizing. I wore a bolo tie the other day and it caused quite a stir. There weren’t any riots on the streets of the Nation’s capitol, but the tie was a love it or hate it proposition. For what it’s worth, I like the tie and will wear it again.

The shocker for me has been the reaction from people when I tell them about this marathon.They cannot get their heads around the idea that I am going to run twenty-six miles (and change) around a gym court. I was even told it was weird. I guess it’s weird in the context of normal marathon running. All of the marathons I ran in my thirties were point-to-point races. They were outside with cheering fans and regular water stops. Traffic was diverted so that we could run a race of individual accomplishment under the guise of raising money for charity. I always wondered if the police, who made the race safe by managing the traffic headache, were working for free. If not, a portion of my entry went to paying overtime and not to the charity for the race.

I find that weird. So, I’m running this race in a way that makes me feel like 100% of my efforts are going to the organization of my choice. If it’s not apparent from this post, I also have a fairly opinionated and stubborn streak. I just want to do this my way and I am more than a little surprised at the reactions of people. The track freaks them out. Ultimately, though, distance is distance.

As for the training, the week went well. My calf is sore and I have given into this being my challenge. I will continue to train and manage the pain smartly, but I will not give into this silly tightness. Go ahead, tell me of the future damage I could cause. I’ll listen, but I’m doing this race to test me and I’ll find a way to work around tight calves. After all, I’ve had them all my life. Despite the pain, I put in twelve miles this week and am ready for whatever comes next.

Weirdo, out…

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